Had a loss in your life and struggling to get past the grief?

I will walk with you, meet you where you are and give you tools to HEAL and move past the pain.

The Grief Recovery Method ®

Begin Your Grief Recovery Journey Today

Grief is the body’s natural response to loss.  But overcoming grief  is not a “one size fits all” process. Your journey is unique to YOU.

However, your grief doesn’t have to last forever! 

There is a way to find healing, feel peace and joy… and feel like yourself again.

Through The Grief Recovery Method ® you learn to heal your broken heart and recover from loss with supportive guidance along the way.

You don’t have to do this alone. Start your healing journey today!

Choose the Program That's Right For YOU

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One-on-One Support

One on One support consists of 7 private sessions with Anne — in person, online or over the phone.

Grief Support Group

Group Support

Group support consists of 8 group sessions with Anne and others who are grieving — in person or online.

Organize Through Grief

I will walk you through the steps no one ever wants to take, but would prefer not to do alone

Anne talking with her granddaughter
Helping Children with Loss Logo

Helping Children with Loss

A 4-session program that guides parents and other adults to help children through grief and loss

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Pet Loss Support

This 6-session program is focused on offering pet owners an effective mechanism for taking action to move through and beyond their grief.

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Ready to begin healing?

Steps To Get Started

DOWNLOAD your “Myths About Grief” Guide and learn 6 major concepts that prevent you from moving forward – and how to overcome them.

2. Schedule Your Consultation

A confidential safe space where we will talk about your individual loss and come up with the best recovery plan for YOU!  I will also answer any questions you have. 

Learn and implement new tools with specific action steps. Have the space and support to work through any loss. Begin your grief recovery today… time alone will not make things better.

A little More Information

Questions You May Have

Grief and loss are a universal fact of life we will all have to face as the result of a lost relationship, either living or dead. Unfortunately we have been misled by our parents and others in our lives. We need to unlearn the myths we have been taught and learn the steps to recover and improve our new lives after a loss. The Grief Recovery Method teaches you what those false myths are and gives you actionable tools to recover and move forward.

Absolutely! The Grief Recovery Method is available to anyone who is willing to put in the time and work in order to resolve any issues that tend to remain after a loss of a relationship.

It is never too soon to heal your heart. The sooner, the better while those memories and emotions are fresh in your mind.

People often think that grief and loss apply only to death, but it also includes:
  • Divorce
  • Trauma
  • Loss of Trust
  • Loss of Health
  • Loss of Identity
  • Loss of a Job

and so many more! It all comes back to a broken heart.

Change your life for the better

Begin your journey to hope and happiness.

Learn the tools you need
to move forward...
And find HOPE & RECOVERY in the midst of loss