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In 2019, I Lost My 31-year-old son

My Grief Journey... and Ultimate Recovery & Healing

In 2019 when our 31-year-old son Chris died unexpectedly, I did what I always do when I have experienced loss (health losses, job losses, etc)

I worried about others, organized the chaos, and started working on a plan to “get through it.”

My “protective brain” took over and I added a layer of armor to my broken heart.

  • I stuffed down my emotions
  • Isolated myself from calls, texts and visits
  • Wasn’t willing to accept help from others
  • Disconnected my head and heart (I just couldn’t take it!)
  • And went into autopilot, keeping myself too busy to really feel and grieve.

I kept this up for 18 months, until my life was brought to a screeching halt!

My body and brain were exhausted. I had a hard time functioning. I couldn’t sleep. I had terrible mood swings, was often confused, suffered memory loss and struggled to make decisions.

I had physically and emotionally worn myself out, and I couldn’t keep going.

Then the overwhelming pain really hit!

And my grief felt like I had run into a brick wall… at 100 miles per hour!

In addition to my previously diagnosed Hoshimoto’s disease, I was also diagnosed with MS and at the same time knew I needed help with my grief in order to properly deal with my failing health.

Anne Storino with son as a baby

Once I slowed my life down enough to sit with my feelings, I realized I needed to begin my healing process.

I went to Facebook and Google searching for groups and sites that related to loss and grieving.

I tried churches and grief support groups

But it seemed they were all negative and depressing, with no possibility of hope or joy in the future!

I bought every book recommended to mebut couldn’t read them because they were all saying the same things—


Since I had always looked at life and others from a never-ending positive perspective, I knew this wasn’t the route for me! 

There had to be another way! There had to be a better solution! There had to be a process to grief recovery!

Then I found The Grief Recovery Method, and everything started to change!

I learned there are over 40 different types of losses and that recovering from grief:

This is what I was looking for! I worked through the Grief Recovery Method and felt JOY and PEACE in my life again.

I had finally found the healing I was searching for.



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