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Finding my way back after loss...

Although I had always leaned into self improvement, the books I read and lessons I learned were only absorbed from an intellectual perspective.  

When I picked up the book Incident Not Accident in August of 2019, I began the spiritual journey of introspection.  

Finally, all that intellectual knowledge was connecting with my heart.  

Below you will find the books that lead me to a path of recovery from a tumultuous childhood.  

Living a life that revolved around coping with childhood wounds, lead me to become a people pleaser and “fixer” that took on the emotional pain of everyone in my life.  

This also fueled my drive to excel and prove myself through my work of service to others at a cost of my health and relationships.  

This journey through books is the way I found myself after 57 years of LOSS – loss of safety, security, trust, protection, friendships and the list goes on…