The Grief Recovery Method Will Change Your Life

We don’t want to toot our own horn, but there is a reason The Grief Recovery Method is the ONLY Evidence Based Grief Support Program in the world. If you’ve experienced The Grief Recovery Method you know what sets it apart from traditional grief support groups. If you haven’t, then take a peak at what these participants have to say about it.

“I highly recommend this experience. It has massively impacted me for the positive. I got to a point where I could no longer feel joy or happiness. It was a dark place and beyond what I thought was depression. Almost immediately, I could feel shifts after starting. I am incredibly grateful for this knowledge, tools and information. It has changed my life.” – Pamela B

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“TRANSFORMATIVE in learning how to *process* your Grief, not avoid it or “will it out” of your life. There’s a *reason* the pain can linger longer than it has to!

LOVE that the GRM gives you actionable steps that help *connect* what the Mind knows with what the Heart feels. It never dismisses whatever unique experiences you’re going through.

GREAT to address and break down myths of Healing.

GRATEFUL to move towards a place of peace and strength.

I’ve recommended it to dozens of people!” – Shar L

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“I started doing the GRM in 2001 thanks to a good friend. I’ve done it several times and with God’s blessings I am a completely different person as a direct result. The older we get the more grief we deal with and today’s losses I automatically welcome those I lose to continue living in my heart as the grieving begins and completing any incompleteness that may pop up. The GRM is a true blessing and solution that works.” – Dave


“I honestly believe right now I would be shattered in my grief if it were not for this program. It was instrumental in helping me cope and adjust! Losing a husband and friend and soulmate of 41 years is amazingly difficult. Thank you and now I can go through it all with the confidence it hurts like hell but I will not break!” – Cheryl

If there’s a little voice in your head telling you that time to deal with the baggage you’re carrying, then contact us for more information.

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