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Do You Need Grief Recovery?

Do you need Grief Recovery? 

Yes you do (even if you haven’t experienced a recent loss)!

How can that be?

Here’s the deal, some people know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they need Grief Recovery. They’ve probably had their hearts broken in the last year or so because of death, divorce or another devastating experience.

But even if you didn’t go through an obvious loss in the last couple of years, that doesn’t mean that the Grief Recovery Method won’t dramatically improve your life!

Let me ask you a question, have you ever taken an honest look at your history to see what experiences might be holding you back? No matter what your age, think about your childhood, high school or any time in the past. 

  • Have you ever gone through a breakup and noticed you’re a little less trusting in your next relationship? 
  • Are you afraid to get in a relationship at all? 
  • Have you ever ended a friendship, moved or changed schools or jobs? 
  • Were your parents all you needed or wanted as a child? 
  • Do you drink too much?
  • Do you struggle with food?
  • Are you sad because you can’t find a relationship?
  • Do you fight constantly with your partner and don’t know why?
  • Have you ever been disappointed about not getting into a particular college or getting your dream job? 
  • Do you have a relative that died years ago that you wish you had spent more time with?
  • Do you have an addiction that made you not show up for people the way you wanted?
  • Do you regret not being there for family members where you were younger?
  • Do you wish you told someone that you loved them? 
  • Have you ever felt alone in life?
  • Have you ever felt helpless after a painful experience?
  • Are you sad that you didn’t have children or that you let your dream girl go?
  • Did you avoid someone you cared about because they were sick and you didn’t know what to say?
  • Have you given up on a dream or goal?
  • Do you regret not taking advantage of an opportunity that is now long gone?
  • Have you lost enthusiasm for life?

Any of these experiences cause grief!

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Now here’s the big question… what would it be like to get complete with those relationships or regrets?

Can you imagine living a life with that freedom? Don’t stay stuck.

You deserve more and Grief Recovery is the solution! Learn more about what you can do here!

For more help with your own grief recovery, DOWNLOAD your FREE guide, “Myths About Grief: 6 Major Concepts That Prevent You From Moving Forward.”

This article was written by Allison James from The Grief Recovery Method Institute.

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